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WC1 Offices can help you get a perfect business trading address in no time. It’s important to get a business trading address as it allows you to receive all business-related posts directly and safely to your address. Our affordable and easy to set up services have helped hundreds of companies get a virtual business address in the UK.

We can help you get both virtual and physical central London City Address so that you can also avail general business meetings, correspondence, and marketing. The addresses we provide to businesses happen to be fully functional and easy to remember.

Registered vs.Trading Address

Most companies in London use two separate addresses because it helps them separate crucial correspondence from HMRC, Companies House, and other resources. Just in a month, a company receives hundreds of mails, flyers, sales letters, leaflets, brochures, etc. Other than that, regular business correspondence with suppliers and customers should also be mentioned here.

With all this, it becomes difficult for companies to go through all these posts and what they do is, ‘they get two separate addresses’. One is for junk mails and the other for important ones, especially from Companies House.


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We offer you professional virtual business address services at the most competitive prices. Other than physical addresses all over London, we also offer our quality services to provide you virtual London business address to receive first-hand mails.


We are one of the leading companies in the UK that offer professional and reliable services for business formation and business trading address registration services. Using its years of experience, our team comes up with sound advice and assistance for all businesses. Whether you are starting a new business a sole trader or a big company, we’ll serve with the best services in the town.